Will Young- Founder & CEO of Campos Coffee

If there’s one man we can thank for the quality and adoration of the Australian coffee culture, it’s Will Young from Campos. Will founded Campos in 1997 and today is the most iconic brand in Australian coffee, and one of the most recognisable brands in the country. In this discussion we talk about: scaling and maintaining quality, building a brand (by accident), the changing competitive landscape, and the importance of integrity and purpose. 

Will Young Campos


Key Topics We Discuss

  • The genesis of Campos coffee
  • Losing to Starbucks
  • Beating Starbucks
  • Scaling and maintaining quality
  • How the challenge has changed since 1997
  • *Cup of Excellence program
  • Navigating corrupt local governments
  • Building the brand by accident
  • The importance of values: Purpose & Integrity

*I encourage everybody reading this to look up the ‘Cup of Excellence’ program. The program can help farmers go from being paid $1 per pound to $100 per pound – it can completely change the lives for the farmers and their communities.

For example, 55% of people in Rwanda generate their income from coffee. If you can increase the price of coffee you purchase from Rwanda, you increase the GDP of the entire country.


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