Steve Sims – The No BS Art of Making Things Happen

“What could you do tomorrow, if you had no care of someone laughing at you?”. Steve’s day job is to make the impossible possible for his clients. From getting married by the Pope in the Vatican to being serenaded by Elton John – he can make it happen. In this episode, we discuss not only his playbook but the man behind it. Scars and all. 

Honest. Confronting. Fearless. Endearing. Hustler.

These are only a few words that come to mind when describing Steve Sims. People have described Steve has the modern day Wizard of Oz, as a luxury concierge he has organised some of the most remarkable experiences for the wealthy.

  • Want to play the drums with Guns n Roses?
  • Want to have a private dinner while Andrea Bocelli sings to you?
  • Want to meet the Pope? 

Steve Sims is your guy, he makes the impossible possible. This is a no-holds-barred episode. We find out how a bricklayer from the streets of London wins in the world of the high net worth and exclusive elite, and the lessons learned along the way.

If you want a no BS approach to making things happen in your life and business, then this is the episode you NEED to listen to.

What I Learned

Here are some key lessons (and there are a lot) I took from the episode:

  1. Wear your scars proudly: your experiences, your mistakes and the lessons from your failures make who you are. Don’t hide them, wear them proudly – because they’re a sign of not only your resilience but your determination to succeed, and evidence you can.
  2. Being yourself attracts akin clients and a happier life: Steve reflects on a period where he pretends to be someone he isn’t, to try and fit in with the overtly affluent and famous. Although his revenue went up temporarily the quality of his relationships went down. It wasn’t until he recalibrated with his own identity that he could attract the type of clients that he enjoyed working with and eventually the money even surpassed what he was earning before that. Like attracts like and authenticity is more sustainable and attractive. You can still win being yourself – no matter where you’re from.
  3. Zig when others Zag – or just stay still: When you move with the crowd, you’re constantly trying to keep up with the momentum of the heard. Your appeal isn’t created when you fit in, the appeal is created when you stand out, especially when you talk about the art of networking and grabbing the attention of those who have people vying for it constantly. Pro tip: call them. Find out what’s important to them, try to find a mutual connection to make a warm introduction and ask them a question they can’t say no to.

Bonus tip: Only drink good whiskey.

Show Notes:


“Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation causes your worst fears to come true”

“Don’t let the failures define you, let them refine you”

“Nobody steps onto a roof, you need to climb up a ladder”

“Listen to what they say, hear what they want, give them what they didn’t ask for”

“What could you do tomorrow, if you had no care of someone laughing at you?”.

“Never walk into a conversation where they can answer with a yes or a no, unless the no is the answer you want”.

5 Free Copies

If you’d like a free copy of the Blue Fishing Playbook – DM me on Instagram @FabXIII or send me a message in reference to the episode through the contact page on the Scar Tissue website. First in, best dressed.


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