Stevan Premutico: Founder of Dimmi and Me&U – ‘A Purposeful Life’

Stevan Premutico founded Dimmi, a restaurant reservation technology which was acquired by Tripadvisor for $25m in 2015 and is now the founder and CEO of Me&U, which seeks to entirely change the way we order and pay for food and drinks at venues. Me&U has raised over $8m from investors such as Justin Hemmes of Merivale. This episode is about leadership, it’s about taking risks, it’s about fear, it’s about winning and it’s about losing. But most of all, it’s about living a life in the pursuit of ones full potential, a life without regret.


Key Topics We Discuss

  • Stevan left a senior job to find his purpose. Months in to being jobless, living in a friends attic and having no money, just an idea for Dimmi he had drawn on a napkin – Stevan was offered a dream job by Richard Branson, which he declined in order to pursue what he believed in. We discuss why he declined this dream role.
  • What was easier vs. harder the second time round as a successful startup entrepreneur
  • What Stevan learned most from Dimmi, which he’s applied to Me&U
  • The system he uses to pick the best business ideas from the rest
  • Why it’s important to surround yourself with the best
  • The road ahead for Me&U
  • Dealing with self-doubt
  • The importance of purpose
  • The power of self-belief


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