Rabbit Hole #2: Success, The Role of Luck vs. Merit

This is Rabbit Hole, a spinoff series from Scar Tissue. The show where I’ll dive into a single question, following the paths it leads me to and talk to the people that have been there before, in my quest to find an answer. In this episode of this series, I want to explore the role of luck in the lives of entrepreneurs. How important is luck to whether or not we become successful?

Cornell University Professor, Robert H. Frank. who also authored ‘Success and Luck: Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy’, navigates me through the tunnels of the rabbit hole. Professor Robert, through his research, shines light on the role of luck and why it’s often neglected to be mentioned in a hero’s journey, and why luck matters.

I’m also joined by Rob Hango-Zada Co-Founder & Joint-CEO of Australian startup success story,  Shippit. Shippit grew x3 fold through CoVid, and was able to secure one of Australia’s largest retailers within the first 18 months of operation – Rob shares his personal experience and perspective on luck vs effort and merit.


Places We Go

  1. What has survivorship bias got to do with luck?
  2. Can luck be quantified?
  3. Why does it matter that we recognise luck in our success?
  4. The story of Shippit and Harvey Norman
  5. The story of Shippit and CoVid
  6. Mentioning luck to a self-made man


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