Oscar McMahon – Young Henrys: A Dream. A Beer. A Soul.

Oscar McMahon is the co-founder of Young Henrys beer, one of Australia’s largest craft beer companies sold across 1,000 bars, clubs, hotels and major retailers. This is a guide to anybody with a creative soul who wants to learn how to build and scale a business without sacrificing their authenticity, creativity or the thing that made the product so special, to begin with.

Oscar McMahon

From what started as an idea between mates to now being sold across 1,000 bars, clubs and hotels and Australia’s biggest retail chains like BWS and Dan Murphys. This is a story about the creative spirit not being tainted by the commercial mind. This is a story about inclusivity, not exclusivity. This is a story authenticity, about relationships, struggles, and success. This is a guide to anybody with a creative soul who wants to build and scale their business without ever sacrificing their beliefs and values.  

Now, the best way to enjoy this show is with a cold beer or three, preferably a Young Henrys Newtowner,  because that’s the way we recorded it.

Topics we cover

    1. How to grow a business without losing your creative spirit and the thing that made you successful
    2. The power of community support, belonging and creating memorable moments
    3. The power of collaboration and creating new territories for your business to play in
    4. Understanding you, your strengths and your gut; the art of authenticity at scale
    5. Beer

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