Matthew Browne: The Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur

Matthew Browne is a serial entrepreneur, he’s the CEO & Co-Founder of Donesafe, the Co-Founder of Whispli, Venture Partner at Antler and the Chief Investor at Black Nova Group. In this episode we get a more exposed look into the mind and story of one of Australia’s best and fastest rising entrepreneurs.

Matthew Browne

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2 comments on Matthew Browne: The Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur

  1. Mahal Selvadurai says:

    I’ve known Matt since him and our son went to primary school together. He is an awesome person and is still friends with my son and still calls my husband and I Mr and Mrs Selvadurai.
    So proud of what he has achieved and continues to achieve.

    1. Fabian Di Marco says:

      He is an awesome person isn’t he? It’s always a positive thing when good people succeed.

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