Prof. Iain McGregor – Making Sense Of Medicinal Marijuana

Professor Iain McGregor is a graduate of Oxford University and is currently the NHMRC Principal Research Fellow, Professor of Psychopharmacology and Director of the Psychopharmacology laboratory at the University of Sydney. Iain is also the Academic Director at The Lambert initiative, which is an Australian first in the field of medicinal cannabinoids and whose aim is to optimise safe and effective cannabinoid therapeutics into mainstream medicine in Australia and beyond to deliver long overdue benefits for patients and to alleviate suffering for conditions such as paediatric epilepsy, cancer, chronic pain.

Professor Iain McGregor - Cannabis


Topics we cover

    1. Iain’s Journey:  a story of the trojan horse in cannabis research.
    2. Cannabis 101: how and why cannabinoids work to help with many conditions from epilepsy to chronic pain, and what are the side effects?
    3. The focus of Iain’s work and the Lambert Initiative: the three key pillars in helping cannabinoids therapeutics live and grow in mainstream medicine.
    4.  Demystifying legalised marijuana in Australia: where is it today? And the false story we were told. Where should it be? And what needs to happen for it to get there?
    5. What people can do in Australia today if they need to access medicinal cannabis. 
    6. The $120bn business opportunity in cannabis: There are over 600 molecules in cannabis, but most research and promotion centres on THC and CBD. Could ‘CBG’ could be the next‘CBD’?  And what other areas of opportunity exist in the value chain?
    7. How you can help the cause and United In Compassion.


The Lambert Initiative

United In Compassion organisation

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