Guy Kawasaki – Evangelist, Author, Entrepreneur, Father

Guy Kawasaki is a Silicon-Valley based author, speaker, entrepreneur, and evangelist. He was one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing their Macintosh computer line in 1984 and is now the Chief Evangelist at Canva and host of the podcast series, Remarkable People. In this episode we discuss everything from Steve Jobs’ personality and leadership style to Guy’s advice for parents.

Guy Kawasaki Podcast


Key Topics We Discuss

  • The power of an exceptional product
  • How to be an evangelist
  • Podcasting: tools and tactics
  • Remarkable People: Guy’s new Podcast
  • Technology’s role in Covid 19
  • How to get the attention of people in demand. Timing and value
  • Steve Jobs and a culture of competence
  • How would Steve Job’s personality play out in todays culture
  • The richest vein for a tech company

There is no single path to success, but there’s many ways to fail


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