Enson Inoue – The Modern-Day Musashi: Living Your ‘Way’

Enson Inoue is a former UFC fighter, Pride Fighter & Shotoo Heavyweight Champion from the old guard. This is not a conversation about Enson the “Mixed Martial Artist”; this is an episode about Enson “The Man”. A modern-day samurai in the pursuit of his ‘way’; living life under his code in the pursuit of becoming that which he shall never become. If you feel like you’re not living your most ‘authentic self’, or growing as an individual identity- this is the episode for you.

“Being honourable is about integrity; it’s about choosing to do the right or wrong thing, whether people will know about it or not” 


I have a special gift for the listeners of this show; I have two handmade Destiny Forever bracelets to giveaway. Proceeds go to helping Enson with his charity work around Japan. The first two people to contact me on Instagram @FABXIII in reference to this episode or via my website www.scartissuepodcast.com will win.


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Desinty Forever

Book: Live as a Man. Dies as a Man. Become a Man.

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