Rabbit Hole: How to Deal With Obstacles & Knowing When To Quit /Brett Steenbarger, Josh Mansour, Paula Giraldi

This is a ‘Rabbit Hole’ episode, where I explore the topic of ‘obstacles’ rather than the achievement of one particular person.  I seek to understand why some people are able to overcome and even grow from life’s challenges, and why others can’t, and, if this mindset can be cultivated? I speak to world renowned psychologist Brett Steenbarger, I reflect on my conversation with NRL Athlete, Josh Mansour, and I speak to mother/cancer battler, Paula Giraldi. Read More

Mark Fisher: The Path To Joy & Confusion

Mark Fisher PodcastMark Fisher is a former stage actor turned fitness nerd; he is the co-founder of Mark Fisher Fitness, a boutique fitness centre which has two physical locations in New York and was recognised on the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in America list. Mark is also a sort after international speaker and consultant, where he’s worked with clients from Sony Music to Anytime Fitness, helping them change the way they think about culture and leadership. This conversation has very little to do with fitness or growing a gym, rather, this is a conversation about identity, self-awareness, pursuit and personal development. Enjoy the show.

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Paul Cale: War & Peace // The 8 Blackbelt Commando

Meet Paul Cale. He is a former Sergeant from the Second Commando Regiment; an elite branch of the Australian Defense Force who suffered more casualties than any other military unit through several tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. He also strangled a Taliban leader with his bare hands, has 8 black belts and runs his own successful company. Paul’s life is a labyrinth and in this episode, we open many doors from Martial Arts to PTSD to leadership. Enjoy the show.

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Enson Inoue – The Modern-Day Musashi: Living Your ‘Way’

Enson Inoue is a former UFC fighter, Pride Fighter & Shotoo Heavyweight Champion from the old guard. This is not a conversation about Enson the “Mixed Martial Artist”; this is an episode about Enson “The Man”. A modern-day samurai in the pursuit of his ‘way’; living life under his code in the pursuit of becoming that which he shall never become. If you feel like you’re not living your most ‘authentic self’, or growing as an individual identity- this is the episode for you.

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Justin McDonell – The King Of Gyms: Franchising to 500+

Justin McDonell is the Co-founder & Chairman of the Collective Wellness Group which has brands such as Anytime Fitness, Orange Theory and Xtand Barre under its umbrella. With over 700 gym locations launched across several countries, Justin is the master of franchising.

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Josh Mansour – How The Obstacle Becomes The Way

State & Country representative athlete, Dally M Winger of The Year; Josh Mansour is one of the biggest names in the NRL today. The public knows him for his relentless style of football and his miraculous recovery from two traumatic injuries -but this is the private untold story about the man behind the athlete. A story that starts as a witness to abuse, but never ends with a victim. 

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J. Prince – A Street Moguls Blueprint to Success: Rap-A-Lot to Mayweather

James Prince owns private islands, 1,000-acre ranches and the best cars money can buy; these are the fruits of his labour and perhaps even, compensation for his most humble of beginnings. The CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records and manager to Floyd Mayweather and Andre Ward gives us the blueprint to his success. From the streets to the boardroom.

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Richie ‘Vas’ Vaculik on The Other Side of Fear – From UFC to Big Wave Surfing

Richie Vas: big wave surfer, UFC fighter, Author, TV host and member of the notorious surf gang Bra Boys – Richie’s story is about second chances. A story about self-discovery, of fighting fear and the pursuit of a fulfilled life.

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