The Scar Tissue Podcast

Scar Tissue is a wandering of conversations with successful, high-achieving people from all walks of life; from the criminal underbelly of the mob to CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies and everything in-between   The show is a vessel, a means to learn from the best, from their wins and losses, to in some way become better; in business and in life.  

Hosted by Fabian Di Marco, entrepreneur and business strategist. Welcome to Scar Tissue.


Rabbit Hole #2: Success, The Role of Luck vs. Merit

This is Rabbit Hole, a spinoff series from Scar Tissue. The show where I’ll dive into a single question, following the paths it leads me to and talk to the people that have been there before, in my quest to find an answer. In this episode of this series, I want to explore the role…

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Justin Ryan – Private Equity & The Balance Of Doing Good And Being Good

Justin Ryan is one of Australia’s most respected and successful private equity investors and is now chairman of four leading online businesses; Adore Beauty, Grays Online, Quad Lock and ModiBodi. This episode is not just about the world of private equity, it’s about how good character can live in a world of defined performance. It’s…

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Rabbit Hole: How to Deal With Obstacles & Knowing When To Quit /Brett Steenbarger, Josh Mansour, Paula Giraldi

This is a ‘Rabbit Hole’ episode, where I explore the topic of ‘obstacles’ rather than the achievement of one particular person.  I seek to understand why some people are able to overcome and even grow from life’s challenges, and why others can’t, and, if this mindset can be cultivated? I speak to world renowned psychologist…

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Guy Kawasaki – Evangelist, Author, Entrepreneur, Father

Guy Kawasaki is a Silicon-Valley based author, speaker, entrepreneur, and evangelist. He was one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing their Macintosh computer line in 1984 and is now the Chief Evangelist at Canva and host of the podcast series, Remarkable People. In this episode we discuss everything from Steve Jobs’ personality and…

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Will Young- Founder & CEO of Campos Coffee

If there’s one man we can thank for the quality and adoration of the Australian coffee culture, it’s Will Young from Campos. Will founded Campos in 1997 and today is the most iconic brand in Australian coffee, and one of the most recognisable brands in the country. In this discussion we talk about: scaling and…

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Stevan Premutico: Founder of Dimmi and Me&U – ‘A Purposeful Life’

Stevan Premutico founded Dimmi, a restaurant reservation technology which was acquired by Tripadvisor for $25m in 2015 and is now the founder and CEO of Me&U, which seeks to entirely change the way we order and pay for food and drinks at venues. Me&U has raised over $8m from investors such as Justin Hemmes of Merivale….

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